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Cost-Benefit Analysis

Our most popular service, this study is required by Kansas statute before any community can grant a property tax abatement to a private company. Most communities pass the cost on to the developer. Our standard fee is $400, payable on delivery, with discounts for repeat customers and high volume referrals. Our guaranteed delivery time is 3 working days after we have been provided all of the information by the developer. The usual delivery time is less than 2 days. Click the button to download the form we require the developer to complete.

Market Feasibility Study

Our newest service, this might be the first step required by a potential lender for a new business start-up. It is a low-cost way to determine if market conditions in the industry and trade area are favorable to proceed with a more detailed feasibility study. The fee is $995, payable in advance, and will be applied toward the cost of the financial feasibility study if the project progresses to that point. Our delivery time is usually about 10 days, which may vary by the complexity of the project, the industry and the expected trade area.


Municipal Consulting, LLC

Economic Impact Report

This is a report to determine if a proposed development project has the desired impact to justify economic incentives being offered by a community to the project developer. The fee is usually around $2,500, but may vary according to the project complexity. Delivery time may be 2-3 weeks. Half of the fee is payable in advance, with the remainder due on delivery.

Financial Feasibility Study

This is a detailed analysis that helps a lender make a financing decision on a proposed project. It includes sections on project description, industry analysis, market conditions, business plan and management assessments, technology and site analysis, economic conditions and financial considerations. The fee may be $5,000 to $10,000 or more, depending on project size and complexity. The fee is payable 1/3 in advance, 1/3 on draft completion and 1/3 on final delivery. These reports may require 6-10 weeks for completion.